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Koh Samui aquaponic research & development was founded by Cameron Hansen in July 2017 for the purpose of achieving food purity, food security & food sovereignty.  Cameron is a qualified aquaponics teacher & designer of large scale commercial systems. 

Organic Micro Farm & Thai Cookery Classes

Our roots date back to 2012 when husband and wife team Ratthanaphorn Dokduang & Cameron Hansen created Island Organics with the initial goal of growing organic soil based food for their three young daughters.  Several TV appearances later and the word has spread and they are as busy as ever with their newly discovered passion. 

By January 2015 we had established Island Organics Thai Cooking Class which has since laid the foundations for Koh Samui Aquaponics design and development centre with commercial aquaponics to follow soon..  

Learn both Thai culinary skills with master chef Lat, explore the organic farm as well as learn how to grow pure organic food from nutrient rich fish tank water in a closed loop sustainable system - it's called aquaponics design and it's entirely chemical free.  You'll be amazed at what we are up to at Island Organics.  

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Our organic micro farm and Thai Cookery classes are open to the public four days a week.  Bookings can be made via http://islandorganicssamui.com 

Island Organics will soon be offering in depth aquaponic classes where students will gain first hand knowledge of a complete aquaponics system build at both a home and commercial level.  Please email us for further details.

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